Monday, March 14, 2011

Tomatillo & Butternut Squash soup

This soup is an execllent comfort food in winters to warm oneself.I make this every now and then in winter as its the season for Butternut squash.

Here is the recipe.

Diced Butternut squash -1cup
Tomatillo (green tomatoes) -1 &1/2-small sized or 1-medium
Diced carrots -1/3 cup
frozen yellow corn kernels -1/3 cup
chopped Jalapeno pepper -1/2 tsp
finely chooped Garlic -2or3 cloves
water -3 cups
some corn chips (Doritos will be good)
salt and pepper to taste

Start with heating a soup making utensil.pour in a table spoon of olive oil and saute garlic and Jalapeno.Then throw in the squash, carrots, tomatillos and sprinkle some salt and pepper.once you mix up everything and hear a nice sizzle add water and close with a lid.After 5-10 minutes you can see that all the vegies become soft and wilted.That's when you pour in the entire mixture of vegetable into a blender and blend it to a smooth consistency.
Now heat the same utensil and throw in the corn and saute it for with salt & pepper.Then pour the entire soup into it.Let it come to boil until the liquid becomes hot.
Serve it in soup bowl with corn chip on the top.
Tip - Don't brown the Garlic, serve the soup hot.

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